Thing 13 K12 Online conference 2010

I  enjoyed navigating the K12 Online conferences. While I like interaction with people and seeing a presenter in person, I enjoyed having the ability to stop and rewind the sessions while I took notes.   I chose to watch the presentation by Dr. Tim Tyson, from the 2010 conference, entitled The Classroom Teacher As  a 21st Century Leader. His presentation talks about the need for the United States to “transform our professional practices.”   He feels that the education system in the USA falls very short for preparing the students for their future lives in our country.  Education does not exist in isolation or as he says ”  in a vacuum. ”    As educators we need to ask ourselves: is what we teach in the classroom connected to real life situations?  While change has to take place, it should not just fall on educators in the classroom to do so.   It has to take place in how the media  presents information, how politicians work to help education both financially and  help effect change collectively as a nation.

Teachers have to effect change in their classrooms by working on :students curriculum based projects focused on community. They should help promote the students’  achievements using digital tools.  Politicians should work  on effecting change with  education policy and aim to created  small class sizes.  Educators  could then work  on having individual learning plans for every child.

As a classroom teacher I am very excited by what I have learned so far and look forward to the coming school year where I am hoping to use some of the digital tools I have learned to help the students connect to the outside world and display their work.

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